• Transform magazine
  • July 30, 2021


PB creative modernises Dutch food brand Honig

Honig Top Banner

Honig, a Kraft Heinz owned ‘ready to cook’ meal ingredients brand, worked with UK-based creative agency PB Creative to refresh its perception in the category and align more closely with the latest consumer trends. With consumer behaviour changing and more in-home meals being made from scratch, the category is evolving with fresh brands and Honig wanted to keep up with the pace.


With a diverse portfolio and several design changes over the past years, it had been difficult for consumers to navigate through the different product ranges Honig offered. PB Creative noticed that the brandmark itself lacked standout and modernity, which compromised brand recognition at shelf. The agency saw an opportunity to breath new life into the Dutch classic by creating a distinctive identity for Honig with the aim of driving strong reappraisal and new consumer appeal.

Every Honig dish is featured at the very heart of each pack, through colorful food photography. PB Creative aimed to create a clear, contemporary and fexlible communication hierarchy to allow the brand to grow into new product ranges in the future.

“We’ve progressed the brand from looking a bit dated and apologetic to an exciting and delicious new space. To deliver unified and distinctive brand blocking on shelf, we’ve accentuated the brand’s unique and recognisable colours of orange and white,” says Lloyd Moffatt, creative director at PB Creative.

The new logo has been removed from its ‘oval constraints’ and now sits at the centre of the famous Honig orange while it interacts with the brand elements around it.

“PB’s redesign of Honig has allowed us adapt to the changing needs and desires of our evolving audiences and constantly changing food trends without alienating existing consumers and while staying accessible to everyone. We now have a distinctive and ownable master brand visual identity which has injected personality back into the Honig range and enabled us to become relevant to today’s consumers once again,” says Tanja Kempen, marketing manager at Kraft Heinz.