• Transform magazine
  • November 30, 2022


ROOK/NYC designs playful packaging refresh for Genius Juice

TT 8 June Genius Smoothie

Independent creative agency ROOK/NYC developed a new packaging and identity for Genius Juice, an American zero-waste company that uses the whole coconut to create a smoothie and uses the husks of the it to make coconut charcoal for detoxification products.

ROOK/NYC worked collaboratively with the company's Founder, Alex Bayer, and his team, to refresh the brand identity and packaging design, without losing the core essence of the brand. 

“Nothing in the competitive set had a sense of human personality, so we worked hard to find the right balance of functional communication and playful tone. The result was a more disruptive, iconic look with clear product communication that more efficiently sells to the consumer,” says Mark Christou, co-founder and creative partner at ROOK/NYC.

ROOK/NYC's goals were to dial-up the flavor cues and create a clearer communication hierarchy system on-pack, while also maintaining the brand's equities and appealing to a wider audience. The new identity aims to quickly communicate to the consumer what the product is and what its key benefits are.

“We were extremely satisfied with the work, and felt it was a massive upgrade to our brand to gain more customers in stores, and gain new customers we had trouble attaining with our previous branding,” says Bayer.