• Transform magazine
  • April 14, 2021


RESTORE rebrands to ION*Biome

TT 06 April ION

Creative agency Accept & Proceed partnered with Seraphic Group, a purpose-led health organisation, to redefine its vision, name and brand tone of voice. One of Seraphic’s companies, formerly known as RESTORE, became ION*Biome (intelligence Of Nature Biome), range of all-natural supplements products that support gut health.

The name had to be ownable worldwide, which proved to be the issue with the original brand ‘Restore’. The name ION*Biome was chosen for the double meaning of the acronym. An ion is an atom or molecule, and the product ION* Biome works on that atomic level within the body fixing the damage created by glyphosate in modern farming practices. The I.O.N. as an acronym of the Intelligence of Nature.

With this name and identity, the team took the idea of looking back to Mother Nature to fix modern-day ills. With the use of the asterisk within the branding, they nod back to both the long form of the product and the parent company Seraphic which uses the asterisk as one of their branding elements.

To bring the brand into the digital world and fosters the constant transformational energy that’s required of brands to stay relevant to an international audience, the team developed a set of packaging rules which would cater to the growing set of products that could be used as a creative style guide. Simplifying the look of the packaging, bringing to the fore the benefits of ION*Biome helps the pack standout, but primarily it tells the story of connection. The product works by helping your microbiome that exists in your gut do its job better, for all the good bacteria to be ‘talking’ to each other to benefit the person.

As well as packaging design, Accept & Proceed developed further brand visuals based on revealing the Intelligence of Nature. The typeface’s compositions create a secondary layer of information that digs deeper into the subject and gives additional information or a twist to the story with a conversational tone.