• Transform magazine
  • November 30, 2022


Princeton University’s Design Nation Conference rebrand celebrates inclusivity

Conran Design Group Design Nation Conference 2

Design agency Conran Design Group partnered with Princeton University’s student-run business organisation Business Today to create a bold new identity for their annual inclusive and diverse Design Nation Conference. The rebrand seeks to support the program’s mission to help a broader range of students gain a deeper understanding about and greater access to career opportunities in design.


Working in tandem with Princeton University students, Conran oversaw all aspects of the strategy, logo and visual identity development, including key design elements such as colour palette, layout, typeface, and iconography. The result is a fresh, colourful identity that embodies the spirit and energy of ambitious college students while reflecting a professional business setting.

The concept was inspired by the name of the conference itself, Design Nation, which refers to a collective of people who share the same passion for design, explains Conran’s senior designer Annie Yang.

“No matter where they come from, what field they work in, or what experience they have, Design Nation is one nation formed by a community of people who understand the importance of design and its role and impact in the world. This new identity is unapologetic and acts as a battle cry for this community,” says Yang.

Bolstered by a lively and energetic palette with blues and light greens, the identity is designed to be versatile enough to give the conference the ability to update it for a range of formats. Conran was aware of the importance of creating a canvas for the conference to be able to swap out content across their most important areas of outreach, which are largely dominated by social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

Overall, the system allows for flexibility and customization based on the theme and content of that year’s conference while also allowing for a level of visual consistency and connection from year to year.