• Transform magazine
  • December 07, 2022


NEXT Insurance rebrands and renews commitment to small business

TT 21 September Next Insurance

Palo Alto-based digital insurtech company, NEXT Insurance, announced a strategic rebrand that will integrate small business owners from across the country into every part of the company’s business, culture and ethos.

To better align the brand to its company ethos, NEXT partnered with New York City and San Francisco-based design company, COLLINS, to bring to life and shape its small business-focused mission through a reimagined brand strategy, visual identity, logo, communications and website.  

"We incorporated small businesses' ambitions into our strategy and every detail of the rebrand and addressed the challenges head-on of traditional business insurance and how NEXT is changing that,” says Brian Collins, CCO at COLLINS.

The strapline ‘Get Going,’ ideated by COLLINS, aims to embolden small business owners to take smart leaps, and equip them to seize the right opportunities.

COLLINS then crafted a new narrative for the industry, one that sees insurance and risk as tools to help owners build a better business. Rather than fear, it focuses on the opportunities insurance creates for a company.

“NEXT's commitment to small businesses is more than just a tagline on our website. It's deeply ingrained into our culture. Beyond our visual rebrand, we've commissioned small business owners across the U.S. to develop our company apparel and team gifts like sweatshirts, notebooks, sustainable tote bags and custom patches,” says Chase, CMO at NEXT.

Visually, the agency looked to other times when people remained optimistic in the face of cultural and economic turmoil, like in the Great Depression during the 1920s. This inspired the playful, hand-drawn style that aims to capture the sincerity, positivity and gritty can-do ethos of the earlier eras. COLLINS hopes that this, alongside a new tone of voice, will allow NEXT to add substance to communications and experiences.