• Transform magazine
  • May 17, 2021


New chewing gum start-up brand tackles single-use plastic

Mother Design Nuud 2 (Still)

Newly launched biodegradable chewing gum brand Nuud aims to challenge the problem of single-use plastic and shift habits for good in the category. In support of its mission, the brand worked with creative agency Mother Design to develop a bold and playful visual identity.


Nuud, which decomposes as quickly as banana skin, is designed to encourage the shift in behaviour change when it comes to chewing gum in a fun and engaging way. 

The identity reinforces the brand’s personality, energy and messaging. Guided by the core sentiment of ‘fearless, fun, transparent and eco,’ and the strapline ‘chew plants not plastic!’ Nuud seeks to disrupt the conventional gum category while remaining accessible. It aims to set itself apart from sustainable niche competitors, which tends to focus on health and softer messaging to promote their brands. The design therefore emphasises the product’s freshness rather than solely its worthiness and plant-based provenance, creating a platform to inform and encourage in an active and engaging tone. 

The key elements of the identity include a logo inspired by a clean, happy mouth. It is complemented by a friendly and playful mascot, gender-neutral Charlie designed by South Korean illustrator Daye Kim, to lend the brand a strong, approachable personality. 

"With the inherent brand message and mission of changing chewing gum behaviour, it was important that the brand didn’t come across as militant or patronising. Nuud is tackling a serious issue but doesn’t want to come across as too worthy,” says Thomas Humeau, design director at Mother Design.

Both the logo and mascot exist as animations, adding a dynamism and fluidity to the brand executions.

The colour choices have remained true to cues within the gum category, blue for peppermint and green for spearmint, but the palette also includes a neutral grey as a platform for more campaigning or informative communications. 

“The visual identity has helped make the product universally appealing and accessible. Best of all, it makes our product stand out and feels instantly iconic,” says founder of Nuud Keir Carnie.