• Transform magazine
  • August 19, 2022


Loyalkaspar designs new identity for Magnolia Network’s debut on linear television

Magnolia Module 20

New York City-based brand design agency, loyalkaspar, was tasked with designing the new identity for the Magnolia Network, owned by US media company, Discovery Inc. Magnolia Network will make its debut on linear television on 5 January 2022, replacing the DIY Network.


Magnolia, which has a history of being a magazine and lifestyle brand, had to be translated into a robust media content provider on linear television. To do so, loyalkaspar focused on developing a brand that is rooted within the Magnolia master brand yet is also strong enough to carve a path of its own.

"Translating a brand from one medium to another is always a challenge. In the case of the Magnolia Network, we used the brand's magazine, Magnolia Journal, as a jumping off point. We sought ways to mimic the quality of premium magazine's printed material and carry the brand's very distinct, yet not too prescriptive, graphic vernacular," says Beat Baudenbacher, co-founder and chief creative officer at loyalkaspar.

The logo, known as the ‘Silocon’ was inspired by the the form factor of the two big grain silos located at Magnolia's market, which have become a key symbol for the brand.  The Silocon mark resonated so much within and without the company that it got elevated to represent the entire Magnolia brand portfolio. For the network’s logotype, loyalkaspar designed a custom-made wordmark that complements the Silocon through curves, angles and stroke weight.

Chetan Kunwar, designer at loyalkaspar, says, "We knew right away that it was crucial to bring the essence of the Magnolia master brand into the new network branding. Magnolia has become a synonym for home, and we wanted to carry that same feeling into this new medium. Every detail, from the Silocon to the colour palette is significant and carries a story."

The brand features two distinct typefaces: Recoletta, a classic yet quirky serif that aims to tie the brand to its roots in publishing; and Walsheim, a simple, geometric, typeface that has become the ‘informational spine’ of Magnolia Network. 

In addition, loyalkaspar created a set of design guidelines and a social toolkit to ensure the core identity is equally as impactful at small scales, for example on social media applications. These aim to help the development of the new Magnolia App and website, which are one of the first combined e-comm, streaming content and educational DTC and connected TV experiences.

"We embraced ’swinging back to basics’ as our theme, where we borrowed some elements from the past while creating something modern for the digital world. Through it all, our goal was to design a brand that inspires and feels like 'home away from home’,” says Kunwar.