• Transform magazine
  • November 30, 2022


FutureBrand rebrands digital mental health platform

Innowell Covers 8

Brand design agency, FutureBrand Australia, designed a new global brand for digital mental health care platform, Innowell, to coincide with Mental Health Awareness month in Australia.


The rebrand aims to enable the company to showcase its digital platform, which uses real-time data and measurement-based care to allow practitioners to provide responsive support to their patients. Although Covid-19 has had an unprecedented negative impact on mental health worldwide, wait times for therapy can still be up to one year and connecting patients with the right kind of support is difficult.

Innowell realised it needed to evolve its brand when in early 2021, it began planning its transition to become a commercial software as a service (Saas) company. “The rebrand needed to bring together our purpose, our research-backed origins, and our mission-driven future to open up mental health care for everyone,” says chief digital officer at Innowell, Syed Ahmed.

“Innowell needed a brand that transitioned the business from being a simple logo for clinical trials to a sophisticated brand for a commercial product that’s trusted by clinicians and embraced by patients. The unique benefit of Innowell’s digital platform is its ability to open up the bottlenecks limiting access to mental health care, so together we focussed on how we could transform the way the mental healthcare sector perceives the role that technology plays in delivering this vital care,” says Rich Curtis, FutureBrand CEO.

To do so, FutureBrand created a brand that focuses on the immediacy and accessibility of the service, aiming to capture the way the platform connects patients and practitioners. This technology is reflected in the square and circle embedded in the logo. Together, the two shapes create a keyhole motif that communicates Innowell’s ambition to unlock the barriers to access better mental health support.  

Once unlocked, the keyhole grows into a series of interconnected nodes, designed into a fluid pattern that stretches across different branded touchpoints. The interwoven network guides users through the breadth of personalised care Innowell provides.

“In response to the universal problem that is access to mental health care, the strength of the link between the brand’s purpose and the shared experience between healthcare professionals and their patients is essential. At its very core, Innowell is here to open up mental health care – for everyone,” Curtis adds.