• Transform magazine
  • March 20, 2023


FTD new identity focuses on ‘more meaningful giving’

TT 5 October FTD

Floral brand, Florists’ Transworld Delivery (FTD), worked with branding agency, Base Studio New York, to launch a complete rebrand with the aim of focusing more on meaningful giving.

Under the direction of CEO Charlie Cole, who joined FTD in March 2020, the brand has implemented strategic changes across the business aimed at supporting its extensive network of florist partners and making giving easier and better than ever before. The efforts include modernising and simplifying its product offerings, and bringing in different partners to help better serve new and existing customers.

The brief was to make FTD look and behave like a  true heritage brand, by claiming its 111 years of expertise in gifting and to bring the florists back to the forefront. “We approached this rebrand like peeling the layers off an onion, focusing on revealing what’s already there. It is not a 'new FTD' in the sense of us wanting to do away with the old. We are showing our true colors again as a heritage brand that started off as a not-for-profit florist collective. It’s a timeless positioning that is still 100% relevant today, we just needed to bring it back to the forefront,” says  FTD's chief creative officer, Annelies De Rouck.

Base Studio developed FTD’s new identity by tapping into the universal aspect of human emotion, and what it means to give.

The art direction focuses around the beauty of the flowers themselves. Base Studio also added more images of the florists, with the aim to help build a narrative about the local business and farm suppliers.

Whilst the ‘Mercury man’ logo was retained for recognisability it was refined on an anatomical level, as his hands and feet were too tiny compared to the rest of the body.

“We refined his features to be more reflective of the Roman God that he is and flanked him by our pared back FTD lettering and most importantly, our foundation date. By adding that you immediately convey the gravitas of a heritage brand, no explanation needed,” says De Rouck.

The new colour palette of classic olive green aims to be elegant and modern, allowing for the right backdrop to the different floral arrangements and gift options.