• Transform magazine
  • October 25, 2021


Elmwood Melbourne rebrands to ‘the thrills’

Thethrills Launch Assets Values Studio

Following the completion of a management buyout earlier this year, Elmwood Melbourne rebranded to ‘the thrills.' The new brand positioning also includes new set of values, based on collaboration, curiosity and creativity.


The rebrand was an opportunity to reflect the team’s spirit through and better partner with its local clients, something which it had begun to do increasingly during the pandemic.

The agency wanted to create a brand that better captured the power design holds, explains Kate Richardson, managing partner at the thrills. Our name and the brand speaks directly to why the thrills does what it does; it’s that feeling when an idea just works. When creative goes from ‘looks good’ to ‘look out world’. From ‘sounds nice’ to ‘sends shivers’. From ‘that’s wonderful’ to ‘that’s the one’ The kind that gives you goosebumps,” she says.

The logo animation is ever evolving, with the moving wave in the background representing different emotions, whilst the burst of acid yellow aims to bring positivity. The visual identity features ‘gender-neutral’ characters, intentionally designed to be neither male or female, representing the thrills’ brand values.  The characters reflect each of the agency’s values in an abstract way: the busy beehive represents collaboration; the second character represents curiosity and the need to dig deeper; and the guitar symbolises creativity and ideas.

“With this rebrand we are better positioned to deliver a future for our studio that's filled with electric ideas and the kind of creative that gives you goosebumps,” says Paul Greskie, creative director at the thrills.