• Transform magazine
  • December 07, 2022


DP World unveils new brand identity

TT 5 October DP World

Dubai-based logistics provider and supply chain company, DP World, unveiled a new visual identity and brand positioning.

The new identity is centred around the concept of flow that inspire DP World’s services. The ‘flow’ aims to signal change, modernity and a sense of dynamism. It also encompasses the company’s prime mission, to make the world ‘flow better’ through smarter trade.

The ‘flow’ is represented in the logo, made from different coloured lines coming together. The logo aims to combine heritage with the company’s future, showing how the DP World is in constant movement and evolution.

The brand transformation seeks to bring global consistency and coherence to the different businesses and products that comprise the company’s services. These will act as building-blocks enabling DP World to achieve its ambition of becoming a global brand.

The rebrand also includes a new sonic identity, which represents innovation and seeks to encapsulate how the brand’s investment in technology creates values and opportunities. The sonic identity will be used in different settings, from on-stage at events to offices to on-hold music at calls.