• Transform magazine
  • July 15, 2024


DesignStudio creates new brand identity for Australian fintech startup ahead of expansion

TT 20 July Beforepay

Australian fintech startup Beforepay, has unveiled a new brand strategy and identity ahead of an IPO and expansion to North America.

Beforepay is an app-based lending service giving people access to a portion of their salary before payday. DesignStudio worked with Beforepay to create a full rebrand and digital redesign for Beforepay, including brand strategy, positioning, logo, product design and tone of voice.

“As Beforepay moves into the next phase of expansion, which includes entering into international markets, we need a refreshed brand identity that clearly differentiates our offering and sets us apart from competitors,” says Tarek Ayoub, co-founder of Beforepay.

As DesignStudio began looking into realities of personal finance it realised the competition fell into several camps; traditional and rigid, predatory and exploitative or frivolous and irresponsible. DesignStudio saw an opportunity to position the brand around empowerment, trust and flexibility, helping customers access money they’ve already earned when they need it.

The brand idea, ‘Set your rhythm’, encourages users to take control of their own financial reality, break free from constraints of traditional pay and credit cycles using  Beforepay’s product. The elevated 'B' mark aims to reflect the brand's optimistic and uplifting energy, balanced with an approachable and sophisticated brand.

Each element of the brand is designed to reinforce an optimistic but approachable tone, whilst paying attention to the tiny details which matter most.

“We've purposefully created a brand which balances energy and positivity to create a mature brand which can stand apart from the pack. Where the competition preys on negative emotions, fear and uncertainty, we've taken a more mature approach to build a brand and experience which empowers and uplifts its users, positioning Beforepay as a smarter choice to those end of the month financial pressures,” says James Duru, creative director at DesignStudio.

The studio also developed digital stickers for use in chat and social media to help the team add personality and flavour to the smaller and more frequent moments of brand interaction. To add an unexpected element to the brand, DesignStudio created Billy, Beforepay’s brand icon that transforms into an emotive character full of motion and interaction. Billy flexes across specific moments of interaction during the product journey, digital and social.

“DesignStudio have delivered an approachable and functional brand positioning encapsulated by a contemporary brand logo. We’re delighted with the result and the inclusive and collaborative process they followed to achieve it,” says Ayoub.