• Transform magazine
  • May 17, 2021


Designate launches mobile cocktail meeting space


Brighton-based creative agency Designate has launched a mobile cocktail meeting space, complete with a DJ, to allow clients and agencies to continue meeting and interacting outside while indoor socialisation is banned.

The meeting space comes in the form of a branded and souped-up van, and functions as an alternative boardroom, an event space and a place to have a party once the rules are relaxed.

Designate agency has always prided itself on its ‘never normal’ approach to advertising – and is now subverting the dreaded Zoom meeting culture too.

“Some clients feel they are chasing their tail trying to keep up during lockdown; and this is our way of injecting some fun back into business and wresting back some control from the pandemic, says Adam hill, executive director at Designate.

“Our mission has always been to deliver exceptional creative work and strategic thinking, identifying the essence of a brand that makes them stand out in a crowded marketplace, working alongside brave, ambitious clients.”