• Transform magazine
  • May 17, 2021


Dairy disruptor gets fresh new look

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Tom Parker Creamery, a heritage British dairy brand, worked with London and Dublin-based White Bear Studio to launch a new brand identity that would place it firmly on the radar of 21st century consumers and highlight the brand’s free-rage, natural and sustainable qualities.


From sustainable glass bottles, to how they treat their free range cows, White Bear Studio focused on how the brand speaks to consumers who wanted to make more conscious buying decisions but don't necessarily want to stop drinking dairy. To do so it built the brand around the core proposition of ‘Happy cows. Happy milk,’ doubling down on a key differentiator for Tom Parker: how they treat their cows.

The new packaging also heroes the cows front and centre. Within their curvy, bovine outlines, every illustration speaks to the lush, wild landscapes which these animals call home while hinting at their natural flavoured ingredients. The palette of strawberry, banana fudge and chocolate seeks to give consumers a taste of the product before even opening the bottle.

Combined, these elements aim to tell the story of happy cows, good flavour cues and tasty textures. Taking a closer look into the landscapes of every flavour, Tom Parker is found delivering milk door to door in his horse and cart, an element which nods to the past while setting up the brand for the future.