• Transform magazine
  • May 19, 2022


Clarkmcdowall rebrands pet care brand

TT 18 May Nutro

Natural pet food brand Nutro worked with New York City-based design agency Clarkmcdowall to create a new brand identity that would allow it to make the leap from speciality pet food to mass market and communicate to an audience who was skeptical about natural pet food.

A fragmented look and feel across US and global product lines amplified challenges for the brand. Facing competition from legacy brands with natural product lines as well as similar specialty brands backed by bigger marketing budgets, Nutro needed to define its point of differentiation and present itself in a way that was simple and impactful.

Through a semiotics review, Clarkmcdowall learned about elements like real raw food, a crisp white marble background and natural sun-lit lighting would appeal to consumers and serve as shortens visual to communicate natural food. This also inspired a palette that put bountiful ingredients at the core and began to establish an identity system that celebrated real food.

The refreshed packaging includes codes and cues that translate across the brand ecosystem, giving Nutro tools to embody the ‘Feed Clean philosophy’ beyond the bag or can.

Clarkmcdowall established an identity system that put their passion at the forefront, including bountiful recipes and conscious ingredients.