• Transform magazine
  • June 26, 2022


Best Global Brands 2021 rankings revealed

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Brand consultancy, Interbrand, has announced its list of Best Global Brands 2021, highlighting those businesses that have grown and maintained financial value through innovation and robust reputation management this past year. An analysis also reveals the three fundamental priorities for brands to replicate this high growth success.

The top 100 global brands now value at a combined $2.67bn, which is up 15% from 2020. Despite the challenges faced by SME’s during the pandemic, the world’s biggest brands experienced the highest ever rate of growth in the past 22 years.

Tech brands dominated the chart with no changes to the top three: Apple, Amazon and Microsoft. The top three brands equate to 33% of the total table value this year. Tesla has made the biggest leap with an 184% rise in brand value after re-entering the rankings and rising to 14th in the chart.

The top 20 in ranking order featured Google, Samsung, Coca-Cola, Toyota, Mercedes-Benz, McDonalds and Disney. Sephora was the only new entrant for 2021 coming in at 100th in the chart, making LVMH Group the biggest entity with five brands in the table.

The average brand increase in 2021 is 10%, which is significantly larger than the 1.3% in 2020, which was particularly low due to Covid-19. Technology is fastest growing sector with an average brand change of 23% year-on year. It also remains the most valuable sector by average brand value, followed by beverages and sporting goods.

An analysis of the Best Global Brands 2021 identified three fundamental priorities shared between the fastest risers: direction, agility and participation. Direction was essential to ensure the entire organisation was aligned on the short and long-term goals. Agility was key to ensuring the brands could evolve its communications to deliver and drive new products and messaging to the market. Finally, participation was vital for these brands to put its people at the heart of the business and make them feel connected and inspired.

“For brands to be successful in our post-pandemic world, our ranking highlights the keys to unlock results. The brands growing faster than the long-term average growth rate are delivering when it comes to Direction, Agility and Participation – by setting a clear strategic direction, pivoting rapidly, and bringing consumers on a journey,” says Gonzalo Brujo, global president of Interbrand.

Find the full Top 100 rankings here.