• Transform magazine
  • June 21, 2024


1/3 of adults under 35 prefer brands with a sonic identity, study shows

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A study from audio branding agency DLMDD reveals that one in 3 adults under the age of 35 feel more favourable towards brands with a sonic identity than those without. The study, conducted by YouGov, lifts the lid on the purchasing power of sound within brands, showing that over 14 million adults in Britain under the age of 35, the use of audio presents a significant market opportunity for brands.

The survey of over 2,000 adults from across Britain found significant differences in attitudes towards sound within marketing amongst different age groups, with the younger generations more favourable towards brands that use sound as a core part of their architecture, than those from older age groups. Adults under the age of 35 years span both the Millennial and Gen Z groups

“Millennials and Gen Z are a powerful economic force that consume a far more diverse range of media than older generations, allowing brands to deploy more sensory and interactive marketing tools, including music and sound. Looking to the future, this demographic will be the driving force of the global economy and is therefore a crucial market for brands to target,” says Max De Lucia, co-founder of DLMDD.

“Audio branding is finally coming of age, in part driven by the rise of voice-activated devices and in part due to a growing realisation that it is possible to connect more effectively with consumers by engaging them with their ears and not just their eyes,” says professor Charles Spence, experimental psychologist at The University of Oxford.