• Transform magazine
  • July 01, 2022


Sydney’s Inner West Council gets reflective with new identity


Following a merger of three councils in Sydney’s Inner West district, a new identity was required to unify the region. The newly formed Inner West Council wanted to reflect the area’s vibrancy, creativity and diversity and appointed brand agency For the People to create a visual identity.

As one of the older areas of Sydney, the Inner West has a long and varied history, having been constantly reshaped and repurposed by a range of people, across class and industry divides. Because of this, many places in the Inner West have, by necessity, been creatively reimagined many times, using existing structures in new and inventive ways.

The new logo and identity system needed to provide a framework for all communications, local events and community programs, while instilling pride in the local communities. For the People worked to include local features, buildings and places as key elements of the identity. The multifaceted logo can be adapted to suit its use, lending itself to creative expression, and so it can be filled in with patterns or colours to reflect the diversity in the community while also delivering the council brand.

As with many place brands, particularly local place brands, community passions can influence the response to a new identity. However, because the Inner West visual identity specifically focuses on elements from the local area, it is able to represent the community and replace what was a temporary logo designed at the formation of the council area.