• Transform magazine
  • February 25, 2021


#NewBrandMonday: 10 August

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Here are this week's selection of newly launched brands from around the world. For more from #NewBrandMonday, follow @Transformsays on Twitter.






New York branding and design studio Trollbäck+Company created brand identity for Iris, a next-gen audio technology start-up promising to revolutionise the way we see, live and experience sounds. Before the launch of Iris Flow Headphones on 28 July, Trollbäck+Company delivered a compelling brand foundation, logo and visual identity to help position Iris’ patented audio technology as a guide in the new era of ‘Active Listening’ to help the UK-based audio brand stand out amidst corporate 360° audio and 3D sound technologies. By emphasising the ways in which Iris is working to initiate a movement to Listen Well, Trollbäck+Company helped take the Iris brand from concept to market, using compassionate storytelling to attract funding.

The brand’s logo, colour palette and visuals all work together to create a sense of the modernity and connectedness of living sound; in the logo, for instance, two interlocking pieces of the Iris ‘S’ represent the formation of a living system, the intersection of immersive technology and progressive biology. The visual identity is inspired by Fibonacci design system of layout, textures and colours, which further defines the brand’s vision.

“Our work successfully positions IRIS as a bold, experimental, and human-first alternative to the current chaos of the emerging, immersive audio industry,” says Elliott Chaffer, executive creative director at Trollbäck+Company.

“By leaning into the science, technology, and sustainable philosophy at the heart of Iris, we’ve given Iris the tools to tell a brand story that goes beyond product and shows people how better sound can shape a better world,” adds Alex Moulton, chief creative officer at Trollbäck+Company.





American creative agency Madwell developed a brand strategy and identity for Champ, a new line of DTC condoms and lubricants. The national ‘Come Prepared’ brand launch campaign, which features original social ads ad a Reditt video targeting consumer aged 18-34, will run over the next twelve months. To overcome the often unpleasant and at times embarrassing experience of buying condoms, Champ created a 100% all natural top-quality products offered online DTC and delivered in discrete packages. In line with this, Madwell built a website featuring high-res product imagery, where customers can easily browse and buy what they need or directly buy a flexible subscription that saves time and effort. The agency also created a brand ID featuring name, logo, voice and visual foundations that have inspired the creative behind the campaign, which focuses on brand awareness and reframing the conversation around shopping for ‘sex stuff.’ The classic and simple design has a nostalgic feel, nodding to the past in a way that is both fresh and familiar.

“This was an exciting brand to help bring to life from the ground up. We have a longstanding relationship with John O’Keeffe, so naturally it was an easy partnership. We wanted to create a brand that was 100% authentic and reliable while also bringing something new to the market through Champ’s DTC model. Champ is truly shaking up the way that we think about and purchase ‘sex stuff’,” says Chris Sojka, co founder and CCO at Madwell.