• Transform magazine
  • May 26, 2024


Insight TV rebrands to expand global footprint


High-definition, 4K broadcaster and content creator Insight TV teamed up with CapeRock, a media design agency, for a rebrand that would reflect its growth and enlarge its global footprint.

To create a powerful visual identity that would reflect Insight TV’s brand message of storytelling and adventure and also easily adapt to all its linear and digital social platforms, CapeRock used high-res images, bright colours and action-packed sports shots.

By focusing on dynamism, movement and human-driven stories the new visual identity is helping Insight TV  target millennial audiences.

“Millennials value memorable experiences more than the acquisition of property. When surprised, we tend to remember the experience for much longer. Insight TV satisfies this need by getting up close and personal with aspirational people embarking on astonishing and unpredictable adventures,” says Insight TV’S director of content and channels Arun Malijaars. “CapeRock’s work for our rebrand helps us to encourage, spark, and inspire positive conversations and lifestyles within this design.”


 The rebrand includes the redesign of Insight TV’s wordmark and logo, channel identity, music channel and of the sub-brands of three newly launched channels: in Wonder, inShort, inTrouble.

Available in 45 countries across the world, Insight TV offers high definition 4K content covering all action sports and high-energy activities.