• Transform magazine
  • March 28, 2020


Yamaha’s new identity unifies the brand with waves and stories

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Merging storytelling and music, Yamaha’s rebrand solidifies the company’s position in the music industry and its promise to fuel the passion of artists, unifying regional businesses into one global brand.

Looking for unity and consistency across all of Yamaha’s regional businesses, the company has launched a new identity by growth consultancy Zag, showcasing a new brand promise and refreshed visuals. The ‘make waves’ campaign represents the impact music and sound can have on individuals, and it puts emphasis on Yamaha’s passion for the music industry as a whole.

The ‘make waves’ concept is a promise to the brand itself; Yamaha will strive to keep being an innovative force within the music and audio industry, and the renewed, unifying brand will be an essential tool to build deeper emotional relationships with end consumers. Yamaha’s new identity proves the importance of an emotional connection with the audience, fundamental to drive positive business change and maintain relevance in today’s brandscape.

The brand, announced at the 2019 National Association of Music Merchants (Namm) Show, pairs CGI animations with photography and stories from artists. It highlights the connection between people and music, positioning Yamaha as an important intermediary with the same passions as the artists themselves. The CGI waves represent different moods and sound worlds, from serene to electric and disruptive, visualising the range of emotions sound and music make people feel.

As part of the new brand, Yamaha has launched the ‘Tales of making waves’ series on its website, telling the personal stories of Yamaha-endorsed artists. It is an emotional approach to branding, one reflected in the company’s historical, people-oriented approach to the music industry and its end consumers.

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