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  • June 22, 2024


UK health group consolidates its brand

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A top UK healthcare provider has this month announced the rebrand and the merger of three UK healthcare providers into one: the Vita Health Group. The brand has been constructed to combine the vigor and skill of each of the singular companies, with the global goal of becoming the UK’s dominant provider of physical and mental health services.

Each with their accomplishments and reputations, RehabWorks, Workplace Wellness and Crystal Palace Physio Group united into a single brand for two reasons. First, it was considered that a new brand would put under the same label everything that the companies does, and therefore facilitate things for patients. Moreover, this union should strengthen their positive impact, as being united favors future prosperity and development.

The brand’s name - Vita Health Group - was chosen because the word ‘Vita’ means ‘life’ in latin. Its slogan ‘Making People Better’ is meant to show the commitment to serve the greater good. The new logo is also a major piece of Vita's rebranding. As it explains:

"Visually, the logo gives the impression of leaves or of a bird or butterfly about to take flight. It suggests freedom, rebirth and movement – a representation of the revitalisation felt by their patients and customers, as well as their own company. In their overlapping, the ‘leaves’ create three shapes, honouring the three arms of the business. The combination also forms a ‘V’; an iconic symbol of the Vita Health Group brand."

Stuart Paterson, deputy CEO at Vita Health Group, formerly managing director and owner of Crystal Palace Physio Group, says, "We’re incredibly proud to have all businesses and employees aligned with our purpose of Making People Better and we’re so pleased that we can now clearly share this mission with more people nationwide under the Vita Health Group banner." 

The Vita Health Group’s transformation of its business structure and branding in a bold way is undoubtedly going to change the game for UK healthcare in the years to come.

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