• Transform magazine
  • August 19, 2022


#TransformTuesday: 8 October


Here’s our pick of the latest rebrands from chamber music to the world's first vagina museum. For more from #TransformTuesday, follow @Transformsays


Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra

The Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra (LACO) tasked Brandpie with creating a new brand positioning, purpose and visual identity, to dispel the common misconception that classical music is only for older audiences, and shed the traditional and conservative perception of its brand long held by younger people. The new look is designed to modernise the orchestra and appeal to a new generation of music fans, spark curiosity in the wider Los Angeles area and increase ticket sales, yet remain inviting to it current audience. The stroke lines of a music manuscript make up the logo and become a motif that represents how the audience feels the music to underscore the invigorating power of classical music.



The Book People

The Book People is attempting to take on the might of Amazon to establish itself as a successful online bookstore by bringing its love of books to the forefront of its brand identity. Created by The Clearing, the brand overhaul is designed to distinguish it from other online retailers. It includes a gang of characters created by illustrator Mr Griff, bespoke typography and a logo formed from a stack of well loved books, which can be rearranged, picked up, and knocked over, signalling that books are there to be handled, passed on and loved. The new look will be rolled out across printed its website, catalogues, social posts and fleet of book buses, which visit schools.


Valleywise Health

Maricopa Integrated Health System (MIHS), the Phoenix-area community health system, engaged Siegel+Gale to produce a comprehensive rebrand that included a new name, visual identity, messaging and experience principles. The new Valleywise Health brand is designed to reflect the value it provides to patients, employees, partners, and surrounding communities. The shift from MIHS to “Valleywise Health” aims to highlight the hospital’s commitment to communities across the Valley, as well as its status as a teaching hospital.



Global business process and customer experience outsourcing company Webhelp has undergone a brand and visual identity revamp its courtesy of Futurebrand. The company felt its previous identity didn't reflect its evolution and growth, or its key attributes and organisational culture. In particular, it did not convey its values or it disruptive personality, flexibility and agility. Futurebrand's redesign united the corporate and employer brand to better reflect and promote Webhelp's strengths: its people and the human touch they bring to their work. Along with the new logo, brand identity system, tone of voice and environments were developed to add warmth to the firm.


The Vagina Museum

Passport was tasked with creating the full visual identity for the world's first Vagina Museum, which opens in London next month. The original identity was developed by founder Florence Schechter and used during her two-year fundraising campaign. The museum's purpose is to destigmatise the vulva and vagina. The identity is designed to be neutral enough to work in a wide range of contexts from BDSM to FGM, but flexible enough to enable the brand's wit to shine through when appropriate. However, the stigmatisation of vulvas or vaginas meant that no actual imagery could be included in the logo itself, would have an impact on the museum's ability to advertise. The new look is based on a clear, direct and unapologetic typographic direction with the word vagina front and centre in bold. A secondary logo has also been designed with Vagina Museum arranged in a V shape giving the illusion of open legs to give the option for a more playful usage when appropriate.

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