• Transform magazine
  • December 05, 2019


The Clearing designs brand to reflect Kerridge’s trademark approach

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The Clearing has created the brand identity for Michelin-starred UK chef Tom Kerridge’s new restaurant, the Bull & Bear, which opened last week in Manchester in the north of England.

The restaurant is housed in the Stock Exchange Hotel, which as the names suggests was once the city’s trading centre, on what was the site of the trading floor. The name of the restaurant is a nod to the building's history and the turbulent nature of operating in bullish markets and bear behinds.

The Clearing created the brand name, positioning, visual and verbal identity for the eatery, which will serve Kerridge’s trademark refined British classic dishes in a down to earth atmosphere, which is more pub than haute cuisine.

The Clearing says the brand identity is designed to be refined and warm, reflecting Kerridge’s Michelin-star quality and proud heritage, emphasising that consumers are getting the real deal: solid, reliable and unmistakably British. It is based on Kerridge’s philosophy of care and attention to every detail.

The Manchester Stock Exchange was the first built in the north and brought an influx of jobs, money and energy, becoming the beating heart of Manchester’s city centre from 1836 to 2000. Kerridge is said to be committed to bringing the building back to its former glory.