• Transform magazine
  • January 18, 2020


Snacking brand holds hands with families and children for better nutrition

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Mars turns to science with GoMo Dal Crunchies, an Indian product rich in protein and micronutrients for children. With a brand identity by London-based Straight Forward Design, GoMo Dal targets mothers, embedding a positive message of good health and nutrition into the core brand.

As part of Mars Edge’s commitment to improve nutrition across the world, GoMo Dal’s brand identity is conceived to inspire trust in Indian mothers, and it unifies the diverse cultures of India into a single design. Each pack, placing traditional Indian flavours and ingredients against colourful backgrounds, hosts the GoMo logo on top, with the letter ‘M’ designed as a mother holding hands with her child.

Stylised as arrows to symbolise growth and energy, the two figures convey personal connection and care. According to Straight Forward Design, Indian mothers are often the key purchasers of children snacks and products, and the agency worked to create a positive, optimistic identity to appeal to end consumers. The colourful packaging integrates visible round badges to attract buyers, by highlighting the nutritional values in each flavour. The product’s visual cues evoke an approach already adopted by other nutritional snacks, with vibrant colours and ingredients represented on each pack; in spite of that, GoMo Dal’s identity stands on a solid foundation, drawing from the connection between mothers and children to send a positive message about health.

GoMo Dal Crunchies’ brand is ambitious and lively, driving positive values in the lives of children. It fits within Mars Edge’s mission of improving human health and wellness around the world, reaching people across Indian cultures with a single brand identity.

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