• Transform magazine
  • January 20, 2020


Keurig’s home cocktail brand tastes of new friends and fresh nights

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US manufacturer Keurig’s latest product brand is a visual identity exploding with warm colours and closely linked to home party experiences with family and friends.

Keurig has partnered with design agency Sterling Brands to create a visual identity for its new home cocktail machine, called Drinkworks. 

The result is a product brand tying fun home experiences to the US manufacturer’s own story, born from a simple yet effective concept. It starts with the logo, fun and bouncy from the first glance: 10 circles in a circle, inspired by Keurig’s numerous round-shaped objects.

The circular shapes connect to pods, glasses and coasters from the Drinkworks world, and are linked to Keurig’s wordmark as well. Furthermore, the way all letters are placed recalls fresh nights with friends and family, all grouped in a round circle seen from above. The identity then features additional screenshots from the Drinkworks official app and some pictures from the product’s website.

Sterling Brands has worked closely with Keurig to carry out extensive consumer research and understand the way Drinkworks could connect to the end users. “The ideal consumers are true people pleasers who care deeply about their ability to deliver the best possible experience for anyone in their home, even on a casual Wednesday night in,” SVP, strategy at Sterling Brands Jessica Trief says.