• Transform magazine
  • January 20, 2020


Kennedy Space Center launches new campaign


A new campaign for the Florida-based Kennedy Space Center invites visitors to take a break from technology and experience the wonder of space exploration and the world around them, telling visitors to ‘Look up.’

Designed by advertising agency Peter Mayer, the national campaign creates a connection between people of all ages and the current rocket program at the Kennedy Space Center, reminding audiences that it was there that American space exploration began and continues to this day.

“We wanted to inspire people to cherish the wonder of these collective experiences we all have when we gaze up and see that streak in the sky,” says Michelle Edelman, Peter Mayer chief strategy officer. “And remind people that more than ever, the live experience of rocketry is available to them on vacation.”

The campaign’s ‘Look up’ tagline and video effectively capitalise on the mindfulness trend, as they encourage viewers to become more aware of the amazing things happening right around them. The ad also feels relevant to modern life, contrasting the mundanity of scrolling through a mobile phone to the amazing sight of a rocket launch. 

The video begins with a shot of the sky and then cuts below to show people of all ages staring down at their smartphone and tablet screens, headphones in, oblivious to the world around them. This is then later juxtaposed with the sight of a rocket launch and one little girl in front of a sea of captivated faces, all staring up. The girl’s narration tells viewers to, “Come to where the most amazing things on Earth leave Earth,” and then encourages the audience to “Look up.”

Howard M. Schwartz, senior director of marketing and sales at the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex, adds, “Although our culture has changed, the Kennedy Space Center has continued to inspire those who visit us to take a look beyond their own world. We recognize the importance of education, exploration and inspiration and 'Look Up' is a fantastic and touching campaign that highlights a passion that lives in many, if not all, of us.”