• Transform magazine
  • November 19, 2019


Heineken’s new packaging carries confidence in shades of green

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In a partnership with creative studio VBAT, Heineken has launched a new range of cans bringing renewed self-confidence to the table.

As part of a global rollout planned for the following months, Dutch brewing company Heineken International has launched a new range of cans for its beers in Mexico, Brazil, Poland and France, in the attempt to refresh its brand’s identity with new self-confidence.

The new packaging feels bold and ambitious, a renewed statement of strength and self-consciousness, emphasised by the zoomed-in design and the floor-to-ceiling green background. The classic green can comes with alternative ‘Light’ and ‘0.0’ variations, which replicate the new design albeit showcasing different colour schemes.

To accomplish its original intentions, Heineken turned to Amsterdam-based creative agency VBAT, asking them to design “a bold statement” to refresh the brand. The agency’s solution was to strip away much of the corporate messaging on the packaging, zooming in on the fundamental details at the core of the brand: the iconic red star is now centralised, whereas the Heineken wordmark has been employed as a wrap-around text all around the can.

“Never legible in its entirety, the wordmark is fresh and playful yet still recognisable,” VBAT says. “A typographic can that resonates self-confidence and fun.”


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