• Transform magazine
  • March 30, 2020


Gin brand 'upends' branding expectations

UP END PR image Op1.jpg

It's hard for a new gin brand to establish itself amid a sea of boutique gin brands, bars and distilleries, but UpEnd gin is entering the fray with style and nuance. UpEnd has invested in its packaging and flavour profile to combat the limited conceptions some have of the spirit, aiming to redefine gin as the perfect all-occasion drink.

To do so, UpEnd creators Matt McKee and Chris Lofrese partnered with Nude Brand Creation to develop a brand identity and packaging that fully captures UpEnd’s combination of the traditional and the modern. Tony Enoch, Partner at Nude Brand Creation said, “Working really closely with Matt and Chris over the last year has helped craft a totally unusual and eye-catching bottle that will not only stand out on-shelf but also the test of time. Unlike a lot of the heavily crafted and intricate designs out in the market at the moment, UpEnd gin aims to be disruptive in an increasingly overcrowded environment.”

The packaging features a bespoke bolt stopper with a copper finish, aluminium labels with embossed lettering and for an air of mystery, a frosted glass bottle obfuscating the gin. The copper colour of the stopper and top label aim to evoke the look of aged copper tills, while the dark chrome colouring has a sleek, urban feel.

This warm yet refined look is intentional, as the team at Nude wanted to create a bottle that would reflect the creators’ vision of their gin as a combination of new flavours and time-honoured recipes. 

“Unfortunately, many view gin as a singular flavour profile that they either love or hate,” creator Matt McKee said. “Chris and I want to change that perception by reinvigorating this classic spirit which has an extraordinarily wide definition. We developed a range of familiar yet bold recipes that accentuate the diversity of flavours that gin can deliver.”

UpEnd gin will be available in selected outlets in the United States beginning in late February 2019.

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