• Transform magazine
  • June 26, 2022


Disney capitalises on positioning to encourage children to change the world

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A child’s imagination shouldn’t be underestimated. As is proven in Disney’s newest collaboration with children’s invention experts Little Inventors for its ‘Dream big’, princesses campaign. This initiative is created to inspire children to change the world, using the Disney princesses as role models. With this campaign, Disney is educating and engaging its audience around the issues the most affect them.

Marianthi O’Dwyer, vice president of franchise at the Walt Disney Company says,  “Disney Princesses have inspired generations of children to dream big and believe in themselves. We believe it’s important to inspire young people to have the courage to right wrongs and use their wonderful imaginations to make the world a better place and we hope to see as many children as possible get inventing and take part in this inspiring Little Inventors campaign.”

Besides encouraging children to come up with ideas for how the save the world, the campaign also investigates which issues UK children rank as most important to change. The research found that ‘being kind to others’ was the highest priority for the children, followed by ‘People not having enough food to eat.’

However, this type of campaign is not the brand’s first. In 2016, Disney published a campaign called ‘Healthily ever after’, which promoted a healthy lifestyle using Disney cartoons. With these various initiatives, Disney takes advantage of it’s positioning as an influence brand to promote causes relevant to its audiences.