• Transform magazine
  • December 07, 2023


Channel 4’s streaming service gets makeover

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Channel 4’s streaming platform, All4, has gained a new brand identity after being successfully relaunched. Its new logo was developed by Channel 4’s in-house agency 4creative and branding agency DixonBaxi who together transformed the broadcaster’s iconic and sleek approach to the All4 identity.

DixonBaxi characterises the success of the redesign to its fluid, slick and effortlessness in motion. Demonstrating how broadly a well-designed logo can be used, All4 stays close to its Channel 4 roots, by allowing to stream, both live and existing programmes on the platform.

Its energetic colours, yellow and teal, bring a freshness to the sharply defined, and iconic, play icon which remains a central feature in the branding of All 4. Its key features enforce the tone of Channel 4’s brand, while also encouraging viewers to ‘press play’ on All 4’s content. 

Other broadcasters, like Netflix, have been recently renewing themselves with the purpose of upgrading their user interfaces. Channel 4 was able to achieve exactly this with the relaunching of All4. The brand was renewed, and came out, fresher than ever with a powerful and iconic logo.