• Transform magazine
  • February 29, 2020


Brands search for sustainable packaging solutions


Pro Carton put together a list of the most ‘environmentally-friendly’ brands of 2018, showing different solutions for sustainable packaging.

Brands and businesses are moving towards a greener world of packaging. To wrap up 2018, European association Pro Carton has decided to put together a list of the most environmentally-friendly brands, who have all shown initiative and creative spirit by designing new sustainable packaging solutions.

These range from biodegradable ‘cartonboard’ to embossed recyclable boxes. Using 100% cartonboard packaging, for instance, KitKat Senses has wrapped several flavours of chocolate in an unfolding, flower-like tray that is completely repulpable, without any plastics or plastic wrappers included.

Other brands, such as Glenlivet’s 12 years-old Scotch whisky, have aimed for waste reduction, with 100% recyclable foil-less boards that can be reused up to five times.

Overall, brands across Europe are making efforts to reduce the amount of plastic and carbon footprint in their products’ packing, blending economy and efficiency in one single design. Nespresso’s packaging now holds 16 coffee capsules, while Rose Bio-Manufaktur has come up with a smart, microwaveable paper cup featuring a 42-day shelf-life.

The list also includes names such as global giant McDonald’s Signature Collection. Boxed in all-natural cardboard packing, McDonald’s product shows how well-planned design choices allow for strong brand images and sustainability to go hand in hand.

Pro Carton’s list shows how brands all around the world are evolving creatively to face sustainability issues, with solutions that are sure to inspire future generations of marketers and designers.