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  • December 06, 2023


WPA Pinfold steers new brand identity for Arriva

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In 1997, Arriva’s emergence as a key player in the inter-urban transport environment was typified by its first business venture outside of the UK. A decade later, Arriva had secured major contracts across Europe, and in 2010, was acquired by one of the world’s largest passenger and logistic service providers, Deutsche Bahn. Yet the company’s continued growth and strong brand presence has transformed public travel for the better. Its latest brand refresh, aims to keep the wheels moving.

Despite its business success, Arriva’s core brand had changed very little in the 20 years of its growth. Its newest identity introduces a cohesive design system that allows the brand to not only unify its international, multi-platform focus, but modernise its brand positioning in the process. Undertaken by London-based design consultancy, WPA Pinfold, the new design builds on the sapphire theme of Arriva’s previous look, yet introduces playful, creative imagery and swirling ‘A’ at the core of Arriva’s portfolio.

In the UK, Arriva’s two divisions of rail and bus continue to dominate the public transport landscape, with over 5,000 buses in operation across the country, and an expansive fleet of train services. Its European ventures span 14 countries, including Germany, Spain and Sweden, and the company employs close to 60,000 people. Set to be visible on all digital and physical components of the business, Arriva’s brand refresh will be a gradual one, with a staggered rollout that allows investment to remain centralised across its core service.

“The WPA Pinfold team truly understood the challenges we faced to integrate our brand across a diverse range of international businesses and create a cohesive brand that builds on our equity and aligns with our business strategy. The new identity reflects our positioning from a traditional public transport provider, to become a modern, mobility partner of choice. A great job,” says head of internal communications at Arriva Group.

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