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  • January 27, 2023


Superbrands announce 2018 annual ranking of UK’s strongest consumer brands

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For the first time in four years, British Airways has failed to secure first place ranking as the UK’s top consumer brand, according to the annual Superbrands brand index. Topping this year’s list, LEGO’s steady climb from 25th overall in 2014, sits amid a storm of volatility, typified in Google, Amazon and BA all falling outside of the top 20 overall.

First published in 1995, the Superbrand ranking is managed by brand evaluation and auditing consultancy, the Centre for Brand Analysis (TCBA), in collaboration with US-based data consultancy, Research Now SSI. The index’ annual release considers as many as 2,500 votes from the British public, judging over 1,500 brands across 78 categories. Each vote is asked to consider three principle aspects – quality, reliability and distinction – to determine a brand’s classification as a Superbrand.

This year’s results however, indicate a flurry of unpredictability across the brand landscape. Notable shifts in prominence have seen brands such as Heathrow and Disney re-enter the top 20 after an absence of more than three years. Marks & Spencer equally climbed back in to prime position, ranking seventh overall as its competitor, John Lewis, slipped from 4th overall in 2017, to 15th.

Ranking high on the index, global brands Gilette and Apple placed second and third in this year’s index, with Apple rising three places from its 2017 ranking. Elsewhere, the simultaneous release of the top 20 consumer brands gaining relevancy in 2018 see Paypal, Cancer Research UK and Amazon take the top three spots, as LEGO comes in at sixth place.

Stephen Cheliotis, CEO of TCBA and chairman of Superbrands, says, “The rise of fresh, disruptive brands – particularly in terms of relevance to consumers’ lives – should be an added warning to more established brands. The likes of Netflix, PurpleBricks and Zoopla may no be challenging for the top spot in the overall ranking yet, but they surely will be if they continue their current momentum and the established elite don’t respond fast enough.”

For a more detailed look at this year’s Superbrands ranking, click here.  



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