• Transform magazine
  • June 26, 2022


Ride hailing genie unveils Middle East rebrand


Catching a ride in the Middle East has never been easier thanks to the likes of Jeeny. The ride hailing app has recently rebranded from Easy Taxi as it expands throughout the region. Founded in 2012 in Brazil, it has since grown across over 30 countries, with strong bases in Jordan and Saudi Arabia. In 2014, it became the first ride hailing app in Jordan.

One of the keys to Easy Taxi’s ease of expansion was a localised approach to each market, while retaining the benefits of its global brand and infrastructure. The app is different across different countries and regions, even down to the style of tipping offered to drivers. As part of this programme, the Middle Eastern branch of Easy Taxi will be rebranded to Jeeny.

“Our brand has been associated mainly with e-hailing services, and since we are taking a leap forward to provide Jordanians with services that ease their daily needs, we wanted a revamped brand that represents variety of offerings,” says Hammad Ehtesham, Middle East COO at Jeeny.

Globally, the Easy Taxi visual identity draws on the traditional yellow of taxi liveries and uses clear, friendly icons to develop the user experience on the app. For Jeeny, the app is getting a luxury treatment. The new brand uses imagery from across the Gulf and Middle East which is superimposed upon by a yellow-blue gradient. The typefaces used for English and Arabic scripts are complementary, modern and luxe. The new wordmark itself uses pale pink, blue and white in a simple, modern deployment. The ‘een’ in the middle of Jeeny features shortened tails which echo the Arabic calligraphy style in use across the identity.

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