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  • September 29, 2020


Middle East Brand Summit 2018 programme announced

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Recently, branding in the Middle East has taken on a new purpose. Driven by increased investment, growing expertise and information sharing aided by globalisation, new creative ideas are shaping the Middle East brand environment on a scale previously unseen.

 This is alongside a recognition of the importance of design and strategic excellence in those sectors traditionally considered less glamourous, such as public or NGO – and a desire to benchmark design work against peers.

The Middle East Brand Summit 2018 aims to address the paradigmatic changes being experienced by the region. Held in Dubai on 8 May and hosting distinguished speakers on all manner of brand-related topics, the Middle East Brand Summit provides the perfect opportunity for branding and communications experts to address the challenges and opportunities shaping the sector.

And from place branding to corporate positioning to creative direction, the brand landscape in the Middle East has never been so varied. A case in point is Transform magazine’s Transform Awards Middle East and North Africa (MENA) programme. Now in its fifth year, the organisers and entrants behind the Transform MENA programme look forward to celebrating the value of strong brand strategy and design. Speaking at the launch of the Transform MENA 2018 programme, Transform magazine’s publishing editor Andrew Thomas said, “Branding excellence shines through as a dominant force within the MENA region.”

He continues, “We’re extremely proud to help set the benchmark for rebranding and brand development for the fifth year. Winners of the Transform Awards year in and year out are truly best in class in creative ability and strategic thought.”

As a precursor to the Transform Awards MENA award ceremony, client-side conference speakers from organisations from sectors as diverse as design and engineering, charitable, food and beverage and tourism development truly sets the bar for the evening’s benchmarking of excellence. With yet more speakers to be announced, the Middle East Brand Summit programme takes a holistic look at branding in a region which has recently come to prioritise world-class brand communication strategies.

For the Middle East, a contemporary branding sector driven by innovation and efforts towards sustainability has emerged. Reflected in both content and timescale through the Middle East Brand Summit 2018 programme, the awards and conference are truly representative of sector poised for change. If you or your organisation is based in the Middle East, come and be part of it.

Visit the Transform magazine website for the full Middle East Brand Summit programme.

To be a speaker for one of our Middle East Brand Summit sessions, email Elizabeth or call the events teams on (+44) 207 498 7008.

To attend the Transform Awards MENA, visit our website. For more information, read the news story.

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