• Transform magazine
  • November 29, 2023


Kerning the Gap puts female designers on track through mentorship


Tomorrow, a year-long mentorship program for female designers is being launched by Kerning the Gap, a network dedicated to furthering gender equality in the design industry. It is the third such program put on by the organisation.

Kerning the Gap was launched in 2015 by Nat Maher, CEO of Pollitt & Partners, to address the huge disparity between female and male designers at the highest positions in the brand industry. According to Maher, although 70% of design students are female, only 11% become creative directors. “This is unacceptable,” says Maher, “Mentoring is a fantastic way to help more young women achieve their goals, build their confidence and break through that glass ceiling.”

The first event will take place at Wallacespace in Covent Garden, where mentors will provide workshops and talks. Its key ‘speed-matching’ event between designers and mentors has already been fully booked but Kerning the Gap has emphasised that the program is not simply for new women designers, but to offer tools and support to all women designers at all career stages. Maher says, “Kerning the Gap aims to support the growth of the next generation of leaders whilst raising awareness to eradicate gender obstacles that stand in their way. If you’ve already squeezed through the gap, come along and share what it took; if you’re looking for a way through, bring your mentor and join us for some inspiration.” Following tomorrow's event, Kerning the Gap will provide two more events over the next year.

By organising community building scenarios for women to support each other, Kerning the Gap is empowering designers individually and collectively to balance the design industry at its highest levels. If its full mentorship program is any indication, this program will be back again next year and will fill up quickly.

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