• Transform magazine
  • February 26, 2020


IT organisation puts purpose at the heart of its brand

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At the heart of every successful organisation, the key ingredient that keeps everyone focused and unified is purpose. Recently, this realisation has led companies to take determined steps towards building brand identities that clearly reflect the brand’s purpose. By differentiating themselves and confidently stating what they are all about, companies achieve to become competitive against their competitors.

The collaborative team powered by Camden, Haringey and Islington Councils, Shared Digital, has launched a new brand identity, with the objective of engaging in-house teams and appealing to the best talent in the IT industry. The rebrand was designed by brand and design consultancy Perq Studio.

Fabio Negro, assistant director of Infrastructure and end user at Shared Digital says, “Working with Perq Studio was a great process for us. They brought us all together and helped us focus on our aims, strengths, weaknesses and audiences. And, of course, in the end we got a brilliant result with an identity that meant something to everyone involved.”

Shared Digital is a company that resulted from the merger of the councils’ digital services teams. The organisation gathers knowledge and funds to lead digital innovation. Shared Digital’s collaborative approach stems from the need to make digital services more efficient, effective and accessible.

Laura Giffard, founder and client director at Perq Studio says, “Building on our brand proposition ‘making connections that count’ we developed a visual identity that heroes the council’s geographic locations, putting community at the heart of the brand. A bright digital-first palette, inspired by each of the council’s signature colours, conveyed the energy and vision for a dynamic new team.”

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