• Transform magazine
  • June 02, 2020


Havana Club reflects Cuban culture in new label


Following a trend that has been flourishing in the gin industry, where companies reinvent their visual identities in order to stay current and relevant, the rum industry may be taking a step in the same direction.

International rum brand, Havana Club, has revealed a rebrand in the form of a new label for its golden Havana Club Añejo Especial. The new label was designed to elevate the rum’s appearance and showcase the quality and authenticity of the drink’s production process, while representing the vibrancy of Cuba.

Nick Blacknell, marketing director at Havana Club International, says, “We have seen what has happened in the gin category over the past five years and we expect the rum category to experience the same resurgence. The Especial Cuba Libre is set to excite consumers – its beauty is in its simplicity, perfect to be enjoyed in a bar or with friends at home”.

The material used for the new label is high quality, crafted paper. The colour palette consists of a unique blue, while the perimeter of the label sports a vibrant red. The bold colours are a direct reference to Cuban street culture. Furthermore, the tree rings, two oak barrels and a sand timer that are displayed, reflect the maturation method used to produce Havana Club, called ‘doblemente añejado,’ which translates to ‘double-aged.’

In favour of the brand’s consistency, the bottle’s shape, as well as the ‘El ron de Cuba’ tagline have remained, unifying the variety of rums offered by Havana Club. The new Havana Club Especial label is already available across the UK, France, Germany, Switzerland and Belgium.

Havana Club is also endorsing a modern take on the classic drink of rum and cola through its Especial Cuba Libre. Cuba Libre, which is a cocktail consisting of rum, cola, ice and a wedge of fresh lime, is being advertised across UK bars and supermarkets and will also be promoted across Europe through festivals, such as Tomorrowland.

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