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  • September 29, 2020


Hiyacar, a rebrand for the sharing economy

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The end of the 20th century and the dawn of the internet age has seen a profound effect in how goods and services are negotiated and traded. Amid a plethora of trading platforms and online sharing sites, perhaps one of the most seismic changes is the emergence of the so-called ‘sharing economy’ – the ability of people to instantly hire out or rent a product. Popular in every industry, from holiday rentals to dog sitting, the redesign of car sharing platform Hiyacar is a further step in its intentions to lead the UK car share app market.

Developed in 2014 by Graeme Risby and Rob Larmour, Hiyacar allows car owners in London to put their vehicle up for hire, via an app. Answering the often-difficult question of how to transfer keys between users, Risby and Larmour created an app-controlled box, the QuickStart box, from which users can unlock the car directly. Yet, while innovative, the digitally native Hiyacar required a forward-thinking identity to truly reflect its commitment to changing the rental car market.

Created by London-based branding agency SomeOne, the new brand identity for Hiyacar takes design cues from established sharing platforms such as AirBnB or TaskRabbit. But, says Laura Hussey, creative partner at SomeOne, where most apps align with a single colour, the colour palette for Hiyacar reflects the dynamism of both the vehicle and the app’s flexibility. “Most hire car branding is based on a single colour and a single static word mark,” says Hussey. “Hiyacar takes the opposite approach. A multicoloured palette of choice, with animated elements as standard – after all, this is a digitally-led service, so things should flex, adapt and move.”

For Graeme Risby, co-founder of Hiyacar, the new branding reflects the success the company continues to enjoy. After hiring its first employee in 2016, Hiyacar now has a staff of 16 – and looks set to expand. “It’s been so exciting to see our organisation and intentions so well captured by the new branding,” says Risby. “The team at SomeOne have done us proud, we’re now ready to take on the biggest year in our history.”

With 10 million cars rented across Britain each year, Hiyacar provides a unique and contemporary alternative to the traditional car hire model. “Hiring a car is painful. The paperwork. The visit to the remote office. The up-sell. The delays and waiting around. And of course, the inevitable hidden fees you get clobbered with for that ‘scratch’ they find on the door when you take it back. Or extra mileage. Or fuel. Or… You get the picture.” says Simon Manchipp, founder of SomeOne. But by connecting people with neighbours, enhancing local economies and helping reduce carbon emissions, Hiyacar has the future in mind. SomeOne has ensured it has a modern, refreshing and welcoming brand identity to match.

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