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  • September 29, 2020


Epic new identity for Epic Drama channel

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In a media landscape characterised by increasing choice, competition and new digital formats, the launch of a new television channel can be risky. However, if the channel’s associated brand work and visual identity resonates with the audience, it has the potential to be the most captivating platform in contemporary entertainment. For new channel Epic Drama, a focus on emotive storytelling and high-quality production sets it apart from other cable network offerings.

The latest offering by international media company Viasat World, new channel Epic Drama does exactly as the brand name suggests – provides viewers with programmes encompassing a mix of genres. From crime and mystery, politics and power, period, war to real history and fantasy, the channel offers something for everyone. With the new brand identity developed by London-based design-led motion studio weareseventeen, Epic Drama’s visuals and idents truly reflect what Viasat World hopes to offer its international audience.

“We are delighted to introduce Epic Drama, a bold and lavish new channel entirely dedicated to big scale and expensive drama productions with compelling storytelling at its heart,” says Irina Gofman, CEO and president of Viasat World, in a press release. “Our unique status as an independent broadcaster allows us to listen to our affiliate partners and our viewers, understand what they are looking for and respond quickly.”

To that end, Viasat World has focused on its heritage in producing drama-based content to launch Epic Drama. Available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, its audience – which extends across key markets in central and eastern Europe, including but not limited to Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Estonia, Greece, Hungary, Montenegro, Poland Turkey and Ukraine – will be treated to an inclusive offering of the best drama-based productions.

For Simon Mitchell, director of marketing, PR and creative at Viasat World, creating a strong identity for Epic Drama was paramount  - especially given pan-European competition for viewing figures. The idents, created by weareseventeen, bring a theatrical atmosphere to the channel. From textures to fabrics to actors to scenery, creativity abounds; use of the purple, cream and gold colour palette lends a touch of luxury to the brand offering.

Mitchell says, “Together with weareseventeen, we developed this impactful creative series which encapsulates everything that Epic Drama stands for and sweeps the viewer up in the emotion of the brand.”

“We’re delighted with how the idents bring Epic Drama to life in the hearts and minds of the viewer and set it apart as a one-of-a-kind proposition in the drama space,” he finishes.

As Steve Simmonds, creative director of weareseventeen explains, the studio focused on key themes of the Epic Drama brand proposition, such as ‘compelling storytelling’ and ‘drama made epic.’ For weareseventeen, this allowed the idents to go beyond merely visuals and enter the heart of the Epic Drama brand – storytelling was key to the design process.

“Taking the viewers on an intriguing journey through different moments of sumptuous textures and snippets of ambiguous scenes allows the audience to also weave their own connections and different narratives,” says Simmonds. “Although incorporating the different genres of the channel, we were keen to not be too limited to these or particular time periods. We also conjured more general dramatic moods through not only the abstract compositions, but also [music and sound producer] Zelig Studio’s score – from the more sombre, reflective nature of war to the tense mysteriousness of crime and longing of romance.”

With 70% of Epic Drama’s content new and exclusive to the channel, and the remaining 30% relevant productions that have aired in the last three years, Viasat’s new offering is an original take on audience demand. For weareseventeen, the project presented a unique opportunity to unite the logo concept with its corresponding visual identity. The result is a channel that draws viewers in through high quality in its production – and its brand.

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