• Transform magazine
  • June 02, 2020


Cosmetics company uses coffee as main ingredient for natural friendly skincare


From the food and beverages to the cosmetic products sector, healthy living is becoming an increasingly popular phenomenon, with brands across all industries responding to the trend. This translates to adopting more healthy lifestyle-oriented approach for their brand identities, as well as launching products that fit into this sector.

London-based eco-friendly beauty company Optiat has revealed a new brand identity designed and led by creative brand agency Studio More. The two companies joined forces to create a brand that can respond to the changes of the market and reflect its ethos.

Optiat’s distinct feature, which is the company’s main differentiator from the crowd of competitors, is the incorporation of repurposed natural ingredients into skincare. The strong values the company represents, needed to be displayed simply yet boldly through the its brand. The effort of Optiat to evolve in the business is communicated through its decision to rebrand.

Studio more was tasked with the development of the brand’s core philosophy, which focuses on seeing potential where no-one else does. With this philosophy in mind, Studio More came up with the “nature friendly” approach for the skincare company. This approach creates a brand experience that departs from the strictly corporate profile of the company and reaches customers on an emotional level.

Studio More adopted a ‘less is more’ approach, designing a minimalist, sleek and simple image that highlights the organic and natural ingredients the brand uses. The range is distinguished by different icons and colour codes to create fresh, unique but still consistent brand style. The creative brand agency also introduced the idea of recyclable packaging, a very on-brand move that contributes to distinguishing the Opitat from its competition.

The rebrand has proved to be successful so far, with a 400% increase in its sales estimated for 2018 and over 70 stockists around Europe. Opitat has also managed to develop its business, extending its range of products from coffee scrubs to face masks and soap bars.

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