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  • June 05, 2020


Brand in action: Deliveroo

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Deliveroo pilots ski and snowboard delivery service in Scotland's snowy highlands

Who: Deliveroo

What: Near Glen Coe, considered one of the most photographed locations in Scotland, lies Meall A’Bhuiridh mountain. The ski resort
nestled in the Scottish Highlands is the third most-popular resort north of Hadrian’s Wall. This year, it also played host to a trial run of food deliveries above 30,000 feet in altitude. Deliveroo has developed a fleet of extreme delivery people including skiers, snowboarders and snowmobilers as the company responds to another frigid winter. The company expects riders to deliver food twice as fast as regular deliveries – typically made by motorbike or bicycle. The trial service kicked off on 22 January when snow deliveries became available to the snowiest places in the UK until the end of February.

How: The company rebranded in September 2016, crafting a modern, playful visual identity that has since been deftly applied across the company’s physical assets, including 30,000 riders in 200 cities around the world. That visual identity, crafted by London-based Design Studio, was designed to be flexible and recognisable. It also increased the visibility for Deliveroo’s riders with a vibrant colour palette and reflective material. The snow riders will be decked out in Deliveroo kit – including waterproof, warm jackets – proving the versatility of the visual identity.

Why: “The UK is traditionally terrible at coping with snow – as soon as it starts, schools shut, trains stop and the nation panics. We want to give our customers one less thing to worry about this winter. We’re conscious that lots of our customers don’t live in cities and can be easily affected by extreme weather conditions. We want to make deliveries possible for those who wouldn’t have dreamed it was possible during extreme weather conditions,” says Joe Groves, head of consumer communications at Deliveroo. The company has become one of the key innovators in the food delivery business, pioneering new technologies and new forms of efficiency including its Deliveroo Editions kitchen format.