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  • September 29, 2020


Australian cosmetics brand Jurlique launches brand campaign

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The beauty industry is changing. Driven by the proud heritage of skincare brands such as the Body Shop and Neal’s Yard Remedies, as well as increased consumer awareness about the ethics behind beauty products, global brands are driving a more natural agenda. Australia-based skincare and cosmetic brand Jurlique is no different. It has today released a new brand campaign, highlighting the purity of its provenance and organic methods behind its production.

Founded in 1985 by Dr Jurgen Klein and his wife Ulrike, the Jurlique brand is based on the natural beauty and organic setting found in the state of South Australia. With backgrounds in horticulture, biochemistry and botany, the couple founded Jurlique after relocation from Germany to enjoy the warm climate South Australia offers. The resulting brand is driven by the belief that natural farming provides the best cosmetic solutions; herbal medicine and nature forms the backdrop to Jurlique, which is a brand concept as well as a product.

Depiste its unique focus, however, the company felt a new visual identity and brand campaign was required to reflect the true potential of Jurlique. Rethinking its brand positioning in a crowded marketplace, through its updated brand imagery and photography Jurlique works from the slogan, ‘There’s a new natural order in skin care.’ This reflects both the brand’s natural roots, and its determination to remain a cosmetics brand leader amid strong competition.

“The Adelaide Hills is one of the most diverse and pure locations I’ve ever photographed,” says fashion and landscape photographer Derek Henderson, who was instrumental in the campaign. “In a relatively small area you go from bush-clad escarpments to rolling hills, covered in white gums or long grass. The light and atmosphere changes with elevation. I enjoy being out in the natural world, taking in the landscape – it’s cathartic and nurturing at the same time.”

For Andrea Martens, chief brand officer at Jurlique, the new brand positioning was vital if the brand was to deliver on what consumers expected from a leader in the natural skincare category. “We spent months getting to know our consumers, understanding what their own beauty ritual was and how we can play a role in their lives,” says Martens.

“Our signature botanicals are grown in the unspoiled hills of South Australia, using organic farming methods. A unique three-step extraction process is then used to release and harness the essential oils, minerals and other nutrients. This provenance and care allows us to assure both the purity and the performance of our botanicals”.

Integral to Jurlique’s brand campaign is the trust it instils in its customers. For Martens and the wider Jurlique team, tapping into the relationship formed between brand and customer meant securing Jurlique’s reputation – while creating a legion of loyal customers reaping the benefits of healthy skin. And with sustainability an integral part of the brand’s offering, for example sending 0 waste to landfill since 2016, customers want assurance that this extends to Jurlique’s brand promise, too.

“[Assurance is] so important to our consumers because while they love the care we take to create our products, they also want to trust that they will work,” says Martens. “It’s not just about our unique ingredients, but their incredible effect on the skin.”

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