• Transform magazine
  • August 07, 2020


Nouvelle brand direction pour Côtes du Rhône

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For many wine brands, their associated advertising and campaigns centre heavily on the product’s provenance and eminence. And with good reason – wine often, particularly in the UK, accompanies sophisticated meals or is enjoyed during formal occasions. However, wine brand Côtes du Rhône’s latest campaign takes a somewhat more informal position. By focusing on consumers who enjoy Côtes du Rhône as a casual drink, the brand has developed a unique tone of voice and given a contemporary twist to visuals reminiscent of iconic French art deco design.

Côtes du Rhône wine is the leading Appellation d'Origine Contrôlée (AOC) wine derived from France’s Rhône region, which stretches from Vienne in the north to Avignon toward the French south. With a distinct heritage in European wine culture, Côtes du Rhône’s light body and berry flavours have long been popular as an accessible, pleasant beverage. By perfectly combining French sophistication with British informality, its recent brand campaign replaces the previous decade-old offering and emphasises the contemporary versatility of Côtes du Rhône.

The wine’s brand campaign takes its cue from a tagline ‘Everyday sophistication,’ which aims to dispel the notion that French – or indeed any – wine is only for special occasions. Its associated imagery, released last week during a launch event at Somerset House, is designed by London-based marketing and advertising agency, Creature of London.

Virginie Charlier, marketing director at Inter-Rhône, says, “With this campaign, we wanted to present a fresh and dynamic positioning for the UK market. The new approach celebrates the quality of our wines regardless of their colour, but also their accessibility. We produce great wines which are ideal to share and enjoy in everyday situations.”

Playing on iconic French advertising posters, its vintage feel reflects Côtes du Rhône’s heritage and French design culture more widely. However the posters, which capture wine being consumed in a variety of contemporary situations, also include witty captions written in the style of a British person attempting to speak French – ‘Franglais.’ Charlier continues, “We also used one of Britain’s most famous traits, wit and self-deprecation to enable us to further connect emotionally with British consumers.”

Speaking to Transform magazine, Dan Shute, CEO of Creature, says, "It's been a joy of a process working with the Côtes du Rhône guys – a cracking brand with a frankly delicious product. I'll be honest, getting people excited about adding a touch of Gallic sophistication to their relaxed weekday tea wasn't the toughest brief we've ever had to work on – and we're dead proud of the result."

Chief creative officer for Creature, Ben Middleton, says, “Je suis dreadful at Français but je think that le team have come up with something incroyable for the magnifique people at the Côtes du Rhône. And we're bloomin’ proud of the craft that went into it.”

The new Côtes du Rhône brand campaign was launched in mid-May and will be released from June 2017, with a focus on trade magazine titles and advertising across the London Underground.