• Transform magazine
  • October 25, 2021


Dynamic new look for International Floorball Federation

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Founded in 1986, the International Floorball Federation (IFF) has remained the principle governing body for the sport, with the likes of Jamaica, Pakistan and Malaysia symbolising the federation’s global expansion to 62 members. Today, IFF oversees floorball’s developments in over 80 countries and registers more than 300,000 floorball players worldwide. Its recent recognition by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) sees the sport flourish even further. Yet its recent rebrand not only refines IFF’s visual identity, it allows its corporate identity to make further headway as a global brand.

Floorball resembles many of the key principles of floor hockey. Its formation is also akin to the winter sport known as bandy, however floorball does away with ice and skates, and instead applies a controlled, non-contact element to the game. Each team fields six players, including a goalkeeper, with equipment consisting of floorball sticks (shorter in length than ice hockey sticks) and a dimpled plastic floorball, which weighs 23g and measures in at approximately 72mm in diameter.

The sport’s conception is partially disputed, with early iterations of floorball coming into shape in Canada, the US and Europe during the 1960s and ‘70s. Yet it’s longstanding popularity in Scandinavia and eastern Europe has resulted in all IFF Floorball World Championships being held in European nations. With the upcoming competition taking place in the Czech Republic, resident design agency, Dynamo, undertook the rebrand, transforming IFF’s entire visual portfolio and implementing a stripped back approach to the redesign. The new imagery introduces a renewed colour scheme, offering a blue palette that sits against a carbon backdrop.

The IFF logo will now feature further implementation, unlike its predecessor, which includes giving local organizing committees the freedom to use the logo against their own visual preferences. As well as this, the rebrand signifies a more unified approach to IFF’s brand assets as it aims for inclusion in the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games.

Dynamo’s creative team says, “We have designed the IFF logo as a radical facelift to the previous one. We knew we had to strip it down to the basics while underscoring the obvious dynamics of the game of floorball. We achieved this with the lean and slightly skewed typography placed off the center of the ball (the Earth). The dominant color is the signature turqouise that is used for floorball surfaces. Combined with dark blue it commands a nice contrast and fresh sporting look.”