• Transform magazine
  • February 23, 2020


Creative identity and logo for UKTV Originals programming

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The UK’s largest multichannel broadcaster, UKTV, consolidates its UKTV Originals programme offering with the launch of its latest brand campaign. In face of competition from other lifestyle- and entertainment-oriented television channels, many of which have rebranded in the past few years, UKTV hopes its latest iteration will emphasise the originality and creativity at the heart of its programming schedule.

Launched in 1992, UKTV began as a joint venture between BBC Enterprises and ITV contractor Thames Television. Its first, and only, channel was UK Gold, which focused on rerunning classic BBC and ITV programmes from the archives. Now, along with the much-loved Gold, UKTV offers channels alibi, Drama, Eden, GoodFood, home, Really, W, Yesterday – and perhaps most popular is entertainment-cum-comedy channel Dave, which attracts 27 million views per month.

However, not only is its UKTV’s unique take on channels which sets the broadcaster apart from its competitors. In 2016, the broadcaster committed over £150m to new programming with a focus on original shows commissioned specifically for a UKTV audience. Now UKTV Originals, which is set to include shows such as the Davina Hour with presenter Davina McCall, and comedy game show Taskmaster, presented by Greg Davies, has taken on a unique brand position; the creative process behind the programme development is brought to the fore, while rendering it visually stimulating for a television audience.

Peter Allinson, head of design at UKTV, says, “The new branding really captures the creative process involved in creating our ‘Original’ productions, from script writing to set design; storyboarding to editing. Basically, the unsung heroes that are often hidden behind the scenes. Being able to bring content like this to life, in-house is truly rewarding. It also enables us to take more risks and do things differently to set ourselves apart from our competitors.”

For its new logo, UKTV approached renowned hand lettering artist, Alison Carmichael. Moving away from a generic digital identity, which can appear over-produced and insincere, the raw energy and enthusiasm behind UKTV’s new ‘Originals’ offering is reflected in an artisanal typographic approach. Allinson continues, “Working with the hugely talented Alison Carmichael provided us with an additional opportunity, to create a beautiful and truly bespoke logo. The result is a confident wordmark that feels crafted and authentic, like a stamp of approval or a signature.”

For the wider UKTV Originals visual identity, the brand overhaul and visual positioning was carried out in Hammersmith, London, by UKTV’s in-house design team, UKTV Creative. Zoë Clapp, chief marketing and communications officer at UKTV, says, “UKTV Creative have designed a beautiful identity with real personality that works perfectly for UKTV Original productions. It signifies an important next step for the business and highlights our support for British creativity and our passion for creating high quality, engaging shows for viewers.”

And, explains Clapp, the branding work as developed in-house ensured UKTV’s brand values and brand direction was more easily communicated and visualised. A true diversity in talent is depicted in the imagery and videos created for the UKTV Originals brand, emphasising the importance of each step in the creative process – from script writers to costume designers to graphic experts. “Branding our content in this way will make it clear that UKTV Originals are made exclusively for our network,” says Clapp. “The new branding and sonic will open and close every UKTV Original show, helping to develop our reputation as a commissioner of popular and award-winning original content.”

Launching UKTV’s new ‘Originals’ series is ‘the Davina Hour,’ which premiers, along with the updated brand offering, on Monday 4 September.