• Transform magazine
  • December 14, 2019


Brand in action: Kibo


Who: Kibo and Greenspace

What: Planned by Dutch economist Huib van de Grijspaard, social mobility enterprise Kibo was developed in Holland, assembled in Kenya and branded by London-based agency Greenspace. Designed to allow workers to navigate the difficult African terrain, Kibo produces motorbikes specially designed to ease the burden of travelling on dangerous roads. Now, after four years of development, the prototype Kibo 150 has launched.

How: Founder and CEO of London-based design agency Greenspace, Adrian Caddy, says a brand was needed to appeal to Kenya’s small business owners and promote the benefits of affordable, reliable motorcycle travel. Key to Kibo’s communications strategy is the tagline ‘Go do’ which, explains Caddy, reflects the unwavering spirit of the Kenyan people. “To the existing Kibo name and logotype, we added the ‘Go do’ brand tag line, as well a palette of colours and people-centric brand photography. It’s a shared, can-do attitude that is evident in the creativity and optimism seen and felt everywhere.” And, with Kibo’s marketing almost exclusively over digital platforms, its a forward-looking brand for the contemporary age.

Why: Its current focus might be on easing the burden of travel on Kenya’s workers, but Kibo aims to develop a wider legacy of social mobility. Greenspace is hopeful this will, in time, extend to other road users. “Kibo’s forward-thinking purpose is to unlock opportunities by providing access to safe and reliable mobility for as many people as possible,” says Caddy. “Over time, Kibo plans to expand its product range to meet the needs of private customers for commuting and leisure usage as well as motorcycle taxi riders.”