• Transform magazine
  • September 28, 2022


Coming in loud and clear


Overcoming the hurdles of speech is, for some, a lifelong challenge. Transitioning its tone from institutional to conversational, language-based charity Makaton puts communication at the centre of its vibrant new identity.

With a research base that includes teachers, parents and carers, the new imagery marks Makaton’s first rebrand in 40 years. Conveying the benefits of communication, Makaton’s focus brings to life its far-reaching engagement with language, valuing advocates as end-users and curating a widely-implemented goal of meaningful and effective communications.

The charity’s new logo, designed as the anchor for further progressions of language and speech development, mark the organisation’s shift to unify its language-focused outreach. Implementing energy and colour into the new signage, Makaton’s logo now embraces symbols as a key part of language and communications. Undertaking the new identity, London-based brand agency Multiadaptor aimed to portray Makaton as an open communicator, giving its voice to many and highlighting key issues surrounding language learning.

The new moniker, ‘Let’s Talk’ highlights Makaton’s primary goal of aiding language learning, using a fluid, energetic and creative style of symbols, games and stories among other techniques. The rebrand highlights Makaton’s push to revitalise its creative output, firmly holding an expressive stance as the charity’s new direction.

Garnering a reach that exceeds 100,000 children and adults, the Makaton rebrand embraces the colourful and playful heart of the charity. Launching with a weekly video supplemented by the hashtag, #wetalkmakaton, the organisation’s new efforts to express its ongoing commitment to its cause. With the charity sector growing in creativity and design, Makaton’s 247% increase on projected billings aims to build on its positon as a beacon of progression within communications.