• Transform magazine
  • January 20, 2020


Layering taste and texture

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As new recipes tell narratives, so do brands. Telling a story of British culinary excellence, two Michelin-star chef Tom Kerridge has launched a product range with a new brand strategy, visual and verbal identity in collaboration with independent brand consultancy the Clearing. The brand launched last week and includes kitchenware product, knives, pans, ceramics, enamel, wood and textiles.

Drawing inspiration from the nature of Kerridge’s cooking, the brand was built around the concept of turning the ordinary into the extraordinary, taking everything to ‘another level.’ The brand differs from that of other celebrity chefs to reflect Kerridge’s style, taste and culinary methods developed in Britain, and even his charismatic nature. With a minimalistic and bold style, together, the elements of the packaging add up to more than the sum of its parts in an artisan fashion.

According to the Clearing, the brand experience combines different textures in the packaging and layers insightful storytelling around each product produced in Britain. The simple, bold strapline demonstrates this as well, with each component stating, ‘Proudly made in Sheffield, England.’

Andy Howell, creative director and founder of the Clearing, said “One of the things Tom said to us when we first met was that he wanted his products to be ‘Tom-proof’ – solid, reliable and unmistakably British. The brand mark we created reflected this – it’s Tom’s personal stamp of quality.”

Since 2005, when Tom Kerridge and his wife, Beth, opened the Hand and Flowers pub in Marlow, the pub has grown substantially as well as the Kerridges’ success. The pub was awarded one star in the Michelin Guide in 2006, and has held two stars since 2012. In 2013, Tom published his first book, Proper Pub Food, with a BBC television series.

His cookbooks tell a personal story of recipes that reflect his change and outlook towards food, having lost 10 stone over three years.

Richard Buchanan, MD and founder of the Clearing, says, “Plying his trade in the world’s only two Michelin-starred pub, Tom has a reputation for gastronomic excellence, combining a down-to-earth personality with a unique approach – making great food accessible to all. It was critical that anything we created reflected his true character – it’s what makes him different and it’s the reason why people love him.”